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藤原慶 Kei Fujiwara

1993.02.16 神奈川県出身 ​東京都在住

2014年 カメラとバックパックを持って日本放浪の旅に出る。



2017年 独立

2018年 四国での旅を編集し、まとめた本「旅へんろ」を出版。

2019年 個展「目が覚めて」を開く。

2022年 「株式会社 ある日」 を設立。

1993.02.16 Born in Kanagawa, Japan. Based in Tokyo.

2014 Journeyed around Japan with a camera and a back pack Took photos and sold them on the street during his journey.

I arrived in Nagoya during my journey, worked as an assistant, and eventually made my way to Tokyo.

2017 Became a freelance photographer.


2018 Published his first book “Tabi-henro” dedicated to his journey in Shikoku area.

2019 Hold a solo exhibition "Megasamete"

2022 Established "aruhi Co., Ltd."

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